We work closely with the leading financial institutions to provide complete range of services and solutions with our wealth of experience.

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We provides IT services to enable better decision making, working towards meeting clients requirements with quality

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We provide logistics services, covering all areas of carrier, forwarder and cargo shipping, partner integration and agency operations.

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Carotechs retail vertical delivers an end-to-end array of solutions across the retail value chain from vendor management.

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Who we are

As part of BP Works group of companies, Carotechs provides technology infrastructure to business units of BP Works Inc which ahs many business units. In addition, Carotechs builds B2B and B2B2C SaaS platform technology and businesses from the scratch and operate them. Carotechs also provides global consulting and technology services specializing in industry-specific solutions, strategic outsourcing and Systems Integration services. Clients gain competitive advantage by leveraging our unique delivery capability to achieve rapid deployment, world-class quality and reduced costs.

Give into creativity. Smart Development and flexible solutions.

We hope to dramatically improve customers’ lives and acquire new customers—or expand our relationship with existing customers—by smart development effortless experiences for them. And as we do that, we want those experiences to be elegant, unified, and speak a common language.

Like the way we work?

Of course you’d expect that we bring imagination and creativity to what we do. Different clients have different needs, some like to work closely with every stage of the production process, others not. You can be involved with the project just as much or as little as you like.

What are you Interested in?

Carotechs established offshore facilities in India, and is a pioneer in seamlessly integrating offshore capabilities into its offerings.

Database Administration

We have 22 years of experience at DBA's Service and We build a world class database administration team.

Cloud Services

Carotechs assists your company in implementing cloud computing services using Amazon WS and Microsoft Azure platforms.

Web Application

Carotechs provides specialized web application development services that make it stand out as one of the best software solution providers.

Mobile Application

We specialized mobile application development services that make it stand out as one of the best software solution providers.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance prime objective is to deliver the application with quality to increase the testing productivity at a cost-effective price.

Support & Maintenance

Carotechs follows a metrics based approach to software Support and Maintenance through which we continually recommend.

24/7 Hours Support at (+1) 919 455 6096

Carotechs is a global consulting and technology services company specializing in industry-specific solutions, strategic outsourcing and integration services.