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Support & Maintenance

Carotechs follows a metrics based approach to software Support and Maintenance through which we continually recommend and implement improvements and assessments of the support and maintenance processes of our clients' applications.

Software Maintenance and Support Phases:
Software Maintenance and Support goes through 5 phases at Carotechs. The activities involved in each phase is depicted in the below diagram.

Carotechs offers 3 Level support teams:

Support Level 1:

In level 1, we do Ticket Registration and confirmation to Issue Logger. We provide Basic Trouble Shooting support, Installation support and FAQ support. Also Configuration Control and Solution from Knowledge Base.

Support Level 2:

In Escalations from level 1, Carotechs provides Status Update to Logger. There will be detailed Issue Tracking and will also Check Integration Issues. Hardware and Software Interoperability, Stimulation and Knowledge Base Entry are done.

Support Level 3:

The escalation from level 2 does Performance Tuning, Remote Trouble Shooting, and Test Lab Stimulation. Other managements are Environmental Stimulation, Bug Management. Under Bug Management we help out with Bug Query Analysis, Bug Fixing and Regression Testing. This level also includes Development Escalations, Change Management, Training and Knowledgebase Updation.

Carotechs ensures that the front line teams are updated and knowledgeable on the application and the issues involved, as technical support and maintenance engagement grows. This results in prompt, meaningful, accurate solutions.

Value Proposition

  • Rapid escalation and stringent support processes offer fast, efficient and quality resolution
  • Choice of support and maintenance options allow you to choose what is best for your requirements
  • 24 x 7 support for mission critical applications , ensuring support is available when you need it the most

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